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The Nature of Reformed Worship- Is to worship only by God's New Testament ordinances as taught in the Westminster Confession of Faith [WCF] chapter 21. Thus for worship to be acceptable to God we must not take away any New Testament ordinances [WCF ch.21], add any of Rome's reinstated O.T. Jewish worship [WCF ch's 19-20], or add any of Rome's invented superstitious worship [Westminster Larger Catechism, Q.109]. “Every addition as well as subtraction is a departure from the observance and keeping of the commandments of God, and a corruption of them” (Deut 12:32). ‘You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you’ (Deut 4:2). William Ames, The Marrow of Theology, p.280. Thus, “By all which, you see where the idolatry of worship lies. The instituting of any, though the smallest part of worship, in and by our own authority, without scripture-warrant, makes it idolatrous, as well as if we worshipped an idol” [Ex: 20:5]. The Works of John Flavel, Vol, 4, p.527.

Thus, what two types of idolatry has the Reformed Church added to her worship in 2013? First, adding Rome’s reinstated O.T. Jewish worship: Sacred places A.D. 300’s, invented new holy days- Easter A.D. 300’s & Christmas A.D. 345, choirs A.D. 300-400’s, organs-instruments A.D. 600’s, incense A.D. 600’s, vestments A.D. 600’s. Second, adding Rome’s invented superstitions: Hymns invented by heretics A.D. 200’s, first used by Rome A.D. 300’s, crosses A.D. 300’s, pictures of Jesus A.D. 700’s, kneeling at communion A.D. 1200’s.

Thus Thomas Brooks has a severe warning for those who add to [Deut 4:2, 12:32] God’s Worship with Rome’s inventions and traditions: For, “Assuredly there is a day coming when the King of kings will most severely punish all such who have embased His worship and service, by mixing human inventions and Romish traditions [Sacred places, Christmas, Easter, choirs, organs, incense, vestments, hymns, crosses, pictures of Jesus, kneeling at communion] with His holy institutions....For it is a very dangerous thing for any mortals to be adding to God's worship and word; there is a horrible curse that hangs over the heads of all such that add or take away from the blessed Scriptures. If falsifiers of coin are liable unto the civil curse of the law, how much more shall the anathema of eternal damnation be inflicted upon the corrupters of God's word and worship? ‘To them that add thereto, God will add all the plagues of this book’ -to wit, the seven last plagues- ‘and cast them into the lake of fire and brimstone, with the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet,’ Rev 19. The Works of Thomas Brooks, Vol, 5, p.430. Thus we learn, “The jealousy of God over His worship and worshippers; so that this sin of corrupting His worship will dreadfully incense His wrath,” (Lev 10:1-2). The Works of John Flavel, Vol 6, p. 229.

It is my hope that the reason the Reformed Church is in Rome’s superstitious and idolatrous worship is due to “lack of light and information,” which Anthony Burgess says may be true of godly men. Thus to help the Reformed Church come to this “light and information” I prayerfully urge you to examine the writings of the Reformers & Puritans concerning 4 aspects of worship: 1st. The O.T. Regulative Principle: James Durham, Thomas Vincent, Thomas Watson, Thomas Manton, John Bunyan & George Gillespie. 2nd. O.T. Ceremonial Worship: Jonathan Edwards & Stephen Charnock 3rd. The N.T. Regulative Principle: John Owen, Richard Sibbes, & Thomas Boston. 4th. The Dangers of False Worship: John Flavel, Thomas Brooks, Jeremiah Burroughs, Mathew Henry, John Calvin, Anthony Burgess, William Greenhill, & much more…


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Third Reformation Ministries: is for the purpose of partnering with godly men from the past and today in praying that God might bring forth a worldwide reformation and revival by the preaching of the Word of God through His ministers.This website will deal with men from the First and Second Reformation era's, their successors and those who share their teachings today concerning reformation and revival. These era's brought to the Church some of the most godly living, and finest writings the Church has ever produced. The First Reformation, consisted of the Reformers, and the Second Reformation, consisted of the Puritans. The Scriptural insights which the Reformers and Puritans re-discovered culminated with the Westminster Confession of Faith in 1646. This Confession is regarded by most in the Reformed Church as the greatest manmade statement of faith ever written. The Confession itself is a summary of Scriptural teachings, with over 1500 Scriptural passages cited within this confession. Un-like the Reformation eras, we live in dark days, and thus desperately need to rediscover the light of the first and second Reformation teachings, and those who have carried on their writings.

Today America and the world are in serious trouble, and only the Lord Jesus can help recover us from the sin laden times we are living in. It is in times like these when a false gospel- breeds false doctrine, worldliness, Sabbath breaking, and false worship, that we are all seeking for answers. While no single person has the answers, the Lord Jesus who is called the answer, has given us the answers in His Word, and on this site I have listed many resources for you to use to help you seek God for answers. While it is true that this website offers resources by many godly men it is also true that to be a Berean you must test every teaching on this website to make sure it is faithful to the Word of God. Thus in order to understand how to use this site, I will explain the buttons to the left side which at this time are not ready to use but please check weekly.

First, The Apologetics Button will take you to a page dealing with the thirty three chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith. This is in the same manner that David Dickson, wrote his Westminster Confession commentary by stating truths and refuting the opposing errors. On this page you will learn all the modern heresies in the church- with articles, sermons, videos, and audios refuting them. Second, The Evangelism button, is an evangelistic ministry that I have started to preach the true Gospel, and recover the doctrine of seeking God. On this page you will see certain sermons that I am willing to come to your church and teach, and other valuable resources. Third, The third reformation publishing button, will give free tracts, and books dealing with controversial issues regarding reformation and books that every Christian needs to grow in piety.  Fourth, The Blog- Journal Button will show the daily blog detailing subjects of interest in theology needing discussed for reformation. The Journal button will highlight a journal that we will be releasing which will come out monthly with articles showing how the American Church can reform herself. Fifth, The favorite links button will show the best links that you can trust and which will help you grow in the knowledge of Christ from a Reformed understanding of Scripture. The contact us button is for those trying to reach us to come and speak or leave a question, or if the Lord leads to give a donation so that we can continue this ministry.

The denomination that is being most faithful to the Bible, the purposes of this website and the Westminster Confession in a Biblical understanding of Holiness as being defined by Worship, The Sabbath, Church Discipline, Separation from the world, and doctrine, is the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland [FPCS].  In order to see the faithful witness of the FPCS from its founding until today, please see their website with many good articles to read.

*Denomination-The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland
*Distinctives of FPCS-Puritan Networks See Question Five
*Sermon by Pastor Somerset of FPCS- A Dangerous Time Men Glorying In Sin Romans 1:28-32
​*The Sins Of The Times- 

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